Results From My 30 Day Push Up Challenge

30 Day Push Up Challenge Results


Hey what’s up you guys? Jason C. with Sasquatch Fitness. Enjoying  my Protein and yes, I did finish the 30 day push up challenge. Continue reading Results From My 30 Day Push Up Challenge

When To Increase Your Push Ups

How, Why and When To Increase Your Push Ups


I’m getting stronger! I think that now that I’m doing this for several days now, today is the 24th of January, 8 days officially. First day I did 5 sets of 20, moved immediately up to 5 sets of 25, I just pounded out my first set of 30 for today.  So I’m gradually moving up.

As it gets easier, that’s what you want to do. If you get to the point where you pound out hwever many you are doing in a session and you stand up and you’re like ‘wow, that was easy,” or I don’t need to take a deep breathe before I start back over then don’t. Move on. Set a new goal. Move up. Because your overall goal is to get to more push ups over all in a day or more pushups in a single session. So now when you work out you’ve got more singles in a session. That’s what’s happening with me. Like I said it’s the 24th now, I started on the 16th. I’m moving to 30 per session. So that’s 150 a day. I’ve gone from 100, to 125 pretty quickly. I’m going to move on to 150 per day now with the ultimate goal of getting a higher number in my session and a higher number overall for the day.

I hope you’re sticking with me. I hope you’re doing a push up challenge. If you are, good on ya mate! As the Australians say. Stay with it. It;s great. I’m doing this on top of my regular workout. Actually I’ve missed the past 2 days, but I try to work out 6 days a week no matter what. If you add this on top, you’re getting stronger and you’re focusing on chest and tris. I’m actually noticing some core improvements. Meaning those first few days of 25 per session, I started to feel a little soreness in my core which is great. I love that I’ve gotten to a point where doing push ups actually works the core. I hope you’re getting there too. If you’re super strong and you’re stronger than me, knock your push ups up. I don’t want you to add weight. I’ve seen some guys online saying if you get to a certain point and you’re working your push ups and can do too many push ups add weight. I disagree. Add some variety. We’ll talk about that in future videos. Wide push ups, narrow pushups, inverted push ups, do hand stand pushups. If you’re that strong, do it. Plus it will work your shoulders.

So that’s it for me today. Keep it up with the thirty day pushup challenge and I’ll be back with more.