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Results From My 30 Day Push Up Challenge

30 Day Push Up Challenge Results


Hey what’s up you guys? Jason C. with Sasquatch Fitness. Enjoying  my Protein and yes, I did finish the 30 day push up challenge.

Push upVideo release

You know, you’re absolutely right. I haven’t followed up very quickly. You haven’t missed anything. I just was very slow at putting videos out. As a matter of fact, as I’m recording this, I haven’t published any of the videos I recorded earlier. And I look at my videos and I think, man why are you recording these crappy videos, you’re a video producer. Why are you doing this on your laptop and
whatever else? So, I promise, after this video, following will be professional level videos. I’m not going to go the cheap way any more.

Push UpResults

So something I want to talk to you about real quick about the 30 day push up challenge is results…I think that the biggest reason
why you do a challenge. The biggest reason why you do something for thirty days and you focus on that one muscle group is for results. I mean if you don’t get results in thirty days of pushing hard and  doing and focusing on that muscle group, why are you doing it?
Why are you even working out If you’re not trying to get some kind of motivation and some kind of results? So for me, I’m pretty satisfied. I’m a 44 year old guy and I let myself get out of shape for a while during the college years and after I got out of the military and things got out of hand and I kind of stayed up and down as far as staying in shape throughout the years and in the past couple, I’ve been very serious about staying healthy for my kids and for myself.

Push UpTo see or not see your abs

I’d really like to at the end of the summer, see my abs for the first  time since I was in the military. Yeah…since I was in the military I haven’t seen my abs really. I know that I’m fairly strong but I cannot
see them because I’m still eating like crap.

Push UpDetails of results

But anyway back to the thirty day push up challenge. I have really noticed a difference. I have doubled the amount of push ups I can do in one session without taking a breathe. Not taking a breathe, you know what I mean….stopping in your session and taking a second to breathe and then setting a few more off.  So I went, I started off on twenty which you guys know was probably too easy for me. I did twenty push ups five times a day that first day. I started off at one hundred push ups.  As I went and got stronger, which happened pretty quickly, I went to 25. And then within a week I went to thirty and then I went to 35 and then I went to 40 and for the last week or so, the last week and a half two weeks of the 30 day push up challenge, I was doing 200 push ups a day. So to go from one hundred push ups a day to two hundred push ups a day for me at forty four, is a success! Something that I’ve noticed as far as success and results are concerned, is that when you focus on this, I can do jumping clap push ups, I can do diamond push ups, I actually prefer just a wide standard push up. I don’t like them directly under my shoulders. That feels weird to me. If I’m way out here and I’m pushing and I’m getting all the way down to the ground just not barely touching, getting a full range push up, I like those better. Something I’ve noticed that I haven’t had since probably I was in the military is that the upper pectoral muscles are developing more. Which is you know, in my slacker years, you know I only had a little bit of low and that’s it. I never had them up here, I never had a connection pectoral muscle in the center which I’m getting now. There’s actually something there now. Those are the kind of results we’re all looking for if we do a thirty day push up challenge and I certainly succeeded in that regard and now I’m dropping and doing forty five before I stop. Outside of the thirty day push up challenge because I’m not killing myself. I’m not doing two hundred a day, but as a part of my workout I can drop and do forty five without any problem.

Push UpNew Goals

I want to get to fifty five to sixty without stopping. Which would be more than what was  required to get through boot camp when I did it in 1992. Those are some of the results that you can expect no matter what age you are.

Push UpBe Careful

Take care of yourself. I did have a little shoulder trouble doing this. I started having a little crack in my left shoulder. But I pushed through it and what ended up happening is my left shoulder got stronger and now when I do my push ups I don’t have that crack anymore. So that’s something to think about how you want to obviously consult a doctor if there’s pain there. I just had a little bit of a crack. It was a little uncomfortable, there was no pain. If it’s pain you gotta stop. Don’t be silly.

Next time

So I hope you did a push up challenge. If you didn’t do a push up challenge, no biggie. I hope that you did and I hope that you see results. If you haven’t done one, go back to the first video and start knocking it out. Figure out what your base set of push ups is and get going. Well, until the next video this is Jason with  Sasquatch Fitness, we’ll see ya next time.

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